Hookers & Hangers

CRAP! I totally spaced this blogfest....

The goal is to post the HOOKERS and HANGERS from various chapters in our manuscripts. For those of you not in the writing community, here's the definition:

Hooker: The beginning sentence of a chapter, meant to HOOK the reader and keep them reading.

Hanger: The last sentence of a chapter, meant to leave the reader HANGing so they want to turn to the next chapter, and keep reading.

Well! I've got only one finished MS, and one that has like, three chapters done, and a couple others that are started but not finished... either way, I'll give you something from everything I've got!

Today's all about the HOOKERS, so here we go!


- The others stared at him as though he was mad. 
- Kolina’s first week of training was the most painful she could ever remember.
- When Kolina began to register thought again, she felt sure she was dreaming.
- Dax’s arrow flew through the night.


- The first day of school always seemed to sneak up on me, and I was totally not ready for it today. Then the inevitable happened…

- The next morning I actually woke up on time.

- Before Ryan or I could stop her, Stephanie lunged at me, throwing me against the wall.

- “Sir, we’ve got a disturbance in the atmosphere somewhere above Colorado.” 

TARGET (tentative title...)

- Her mother screamed, “No, please!”

- Prince Alexander of Regania sat on his uncomfortable throne, wearing his uncomfortable crown, listening to Lord Maximus Vanden proposing something… uncomfortable.

- Carina was curled into a ball on the extravagant dining room carpet.


I think maybe I've improved a bit over the course of my time as a writer. I definitely think the last ones are better than the others.

What do YOU think?

I'll see you on Wednesday for the HANGERS! (and I promise I won't be late this time!)


(And I can't figure out why the formatting is being dumb, so forgive the big blank spaces, please. I swear it doesn't look like that in the draft window...)

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  1. Awesome hooks! I love the third one in The Sight and the last one in Target :D


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