So... A Few Things...

First off, I apologize for having been absent so far this week. I've been teaching piano, playing with friends, setting up and organizing the house, doing laundry and dishes, picking rotten grapefruit, planting a garden, going swimming, AND editing a MS for my CP Lauren...

So, I haven't had time to blog... or be on Twitter... or Facebook... or much of anything, really.

As for the pregnancy, I'll hit 30 weeks on Saturday! I'l finally allowing myself to feel like I'm "halfway" now. Monkey went past his due date, so I'm assuming this one will too. Sometime in the first half of September is when he'll come, and he'll come when he's ready.

As for my current WIP (which you were all so kind to read and say sweet things about the other day!), I've been brainstorming with my favorite CP, Turner (the hubby) who has an incredible ability to spot inconsistencies and character defects before anything is even written. He's been invaluable in this stage, as I'm discovering who these characters are and how the plot will play out. I really feel like he's helping me see the depth of each character's personality and motivations. I didn't have that in my first MS, and I feel so much more confident this time around. I can't wait to really start writing it.

So how have YOU been?

Working on anything special? New? Exciting? Tell me about it!

Thanks for sticking around guys, especially while I'm so flippin' busy. See ya later!


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