Meeting Leigh Ann!

I just got to spend two hours with someone I never really thought I'd get to meet.

Remember yesterdays post, about how my Twitter friend Leigh Ann Kopans got an agent? Well guess what? I found out this morning that she'd come to Arizona, and I just about flipped out. 

I made arrangements to get a babysitter and a car so I could go pick her up and hang out, and before I made it she was able to get her rental car and came to MY HOUSE!

AND, guys, she brought pizza. 

It was so awesome to just get to sit and chat, uninhibited by 140-character-limits, about life, and family, and kids, and religion, and especially writing. And of course, over the conversation we uncovered some interesting thoughts and decided we needed to VLOG about it.

The importance of a writing community is often overlooked, but that's what we kind of kept coming back to during our conversations. So here we are, Leigh Ann and I (eeeee!!!) talking about that very subject. Enjoy :-D

(I hope it's good quality... geez, and youtube just had to pick an awkward freeze frame, huh?)

Thanks Leigh Ann! I had a blast, and I'm so glad I got to meet you! Thank you for being so freakin' awesome!



  1. Also revealed: I love Mormons. I DON'T like small children.

    Darciiiii. Love you, lady. Thanks for having me.

  2. Oh you guys are too funny. Yes, Hemingway killed himself because of no Twitter or blogger. ;o)


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