It DOES Happen!

I want to take a moment today to congratulate the beautiful Leigh Ann Kopans.

I've been following her on Twitter and Blogger for a number of months now. I watched as she "finished" her manuscript, ONE and jumped into the query trenches (a place I have yet to be, and don't think I'm quite ready for).

I watched as she received rejections not only from queries, but from requests, be they partials or fulls. I watched as she had a freakin' BABY (a cute baby, I might add) in the middle of all this insanity.

I watched her enter ONE into contests and I saw her talk to her Critique Partners on Twitter about things that could make ONE even better than it already was.

I saw her feeling down a couple times, and ask if it was worth it.

Then I saw her keep writing.

I saw her make more revisions, even after most (if not all, I think) of the agents on her list had been queried. She re-vamped, she tweaked, she re-wrote, all with the help of some incredible CP's and beta readers.

I was literally JUST telling my husband two days ago how I was thinking of asking Leigh Ann if I could read ONE for her. I'd heard so much and was seriously intrigued - I wanted to read it. Then I wake up this morning to her post called:

It Takes a Village To Raise a Writer (Or: Agented!)

At first I wondered if one of her CP's had been signed (she's amazing about supporting other writers, myself included) but as I read on it became clear. I got tears in my eyes and a knot in my chest -

Leigh Ann has an agent!

This is the first time that someone I've been in personal contact with (not IN-person, but you know) has been signed. I... words aren't coming...

The energy and excitement level I feel for Leigh Ann is astounding. I am thrilled beyond belief to have known her during this process and to have seen her dedication to ONE as she JUST. KEPT. WRITING.

She and her Critique Partners have been inspirational to me over the last months. They are a supportive, tight-knit group who aren't afraid to be open and honest and ruthless with each other's works. They've shown me that it's a hard road I've chosen, but it's worth it.

Most of all, they've taught me to just keep writing.

So that's what I'll do.

Thanks Leigh Ann (and CP'S! It's a win for ALL of you!), and congratulations.
I couldn't be happier!


Now go over to Leigh Ann's blog and wish her luck on this newest leg of her writing journey!


  1. Woohoo! Love this post, Darci!! Leigh Ann's awesomeness inspires me daily. :)

  2. OK okay okay what the WHAT? I swear I left a comment here yesterday!

    Yes. Yes yes. "A few times" feeling miserable is an understatement. No way I would have ever made it out of the query trenches alive (read: still writing) if it wasn't for amazing people like you.

    Alexa tells me your book is amazing (wink wink) and I can't wait till you find a champion for your own in this wild world of publishing. Love you tons, lady! <3


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