Hallelujah! We're Moved!

Wow! I don't even remember the last time I posted... last week sometime?

Anyway, we moved! Yaaaayyyy! Our new place is absolutely amazing. I'm SO excited to be here, I can't even put it into words...

Well, maybe I can a little.

For your viewing pleasure, I have made a video of our new fantastic apartment. I hope you enjoy!

* try not to be jealous *


Forgot to mention, I want to find a cool clay-cauldron-like thingy to put some floo powder in for the Harry Potter Fireplace... I think that'd be so cool.

Hope you enjoyed! Now, I have a TON of editing and critiquing and reading to get done, along with keeping up our new place and unpacking everything. So I may not be around much this week either. I hope you'll forgive me.

Have a great week friends!


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