Awards Ceremony

So I watched part of the Tony awards last night. As I watched, I thought it would be so fun to throw a "Tony Party" someday. You know, have everyone dress up all fancy and all watch the awards together as though we were there in the audience. I think it'd be super fun! And honestly, the Tony's are the ones I'd really want to do it for because stage people are so much more *real* to me than TV or movie or popular music people.

Then I got to thinking... why isn't there a big to-do for writers?

I mean, I'm aware that writers receive awards for their books. And it probably happens at some kind of ceremony somewhere, but... I want people to start treating books the way they do movies. Give an award for "Best Written Female Character in a Fiction novel" and let the Author accept it. Of course it'd be only for newly-released books from the previous year, unless you're giving a special award (for something like, say, Harry Potter, for being on the top-seller list for x-number of years or something...)

I realize that writers don't get into writing because of the glamour... let's face it, writing doesn't have much glamour attached to it, period.

But how fun would it be to sit at home and watch your favorite new author receive an award for "Best Mystery" or "Best Historical Re-telling" or something?

I'd love to watch THAT award show. AND they'd end on time every time, because they could tell the authors to limit speeches to 500 words :-)

Who's with me?


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