The Writer's Voice Entry # 128 - SIGHT

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Hello faithful readers! I am SO freakin' lucky to be entered in a contest called The Writer's Voice. Hosted by Cupid, Brenda Drake, Monica B.W., and Krista Van Dolzer. I'm entering SIGHT, and I'm excited! I couldn't resist. So without further ado, my entry:


Title: SIGHT
Genre: YA High Fantasy
Word Count: 73,000


Kolina’s seventeenth birthday brings a power called The Sight, bestowed by the Gods to those of special birth. She learns that her grandfather was the crown prince of a neighboring kingdom, Robaea, whose inheritance was cruelly stolen from him. Now, a tyrant sits in his place. Kolina has been chosen by the Gods to reclaim the throne and reunite the three Kingdoms into one.

But Kolina doesn’t know if she can do it, or how to begin. Robaea, once grand, is now in ruins because of the selfish “King” Alrik. To fight him, Kolina’s grandfather leads her to some faithful friends, who train her in combat and magic. Kolina will need these skills as she overcomes bandits, traps, enchantments, and bewitched followers of the king.

What’s more, Kolina and her companions soon discover that Alrik knows of their existence and is massing an army to kill them. In order to overthrow Alrik for good, Kolina must first conquer her insecurities. She must prove – to herself more than anyone – that she is worthy to be High Queen of a reunited Kingdom.

First 250 words:

The barn smelled of hay and mud as Kolina entered. She blinked a few times to get used to the darkness. The wooden walls were aged and frail. It looked as though they would collapse at the wrong move.

Or perhaps the right move, she thought.

One of the cows made a grunt, eager to be milked. Kolina set down the empty pails and basket. She side-stepped a puddle from the night’s storm, tucked a strand of her long dark hair behind her ear, and settled down to her task. Being the shortest person in the farm, she was given “short” jobs – cows and chickens. She hummed to the beat of the splattering in her pail.

Visions of her latest dream played before her eyes as she worked: a castle corridor lined with soft carpets, a carved stone fireplace surrounded by plush velvet chairs, a gold satin gown sliding over her skin….

“Koli? Kolina?” She was jarred from her reverie.

“I’m in here, Dax,” she shouted, thinking, where I always am this time of day.

Dax poked his dark-haired-blue-eyed face around doors and said, “Oh, good. Mum says once you’ve finished with the animals you can take the day off.” He paused for a moment before adding, “Happy birthday!”

Kolina smiled in spite of herself. “Thank you Dax,” she said in a singsong voice.

As Dax ran away, she realized she’d forgotten it was her birthday – odd, as she’d been counting the days for months. She’d been sure seventeen would feel special, but now it was here she felt slightly disappointed.




  1. Yaaaaaay! I'm a glad you made it in!!!!!

    I really love Kolina, right from the first page! You've done an awesome job of communicating that she's a little unsettled and bored with her life, without making her into an annoying whiner. Awesome job!

    Good luck Darci! Wooot!

  2. Hey! Just wanted to stop by and say good luck! Love the premise of reclaiming a kingdom, especially by someone young. Feel free to read mine if you get a chance.

    clara (entry #112)


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