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Since I'm going crazy waiting for THIS to finish, I thought I'd take a break. Today I'm going to let you in on some of the projects I have up my sleevies. Either in progress, or brainstorming stages, or just an idea. You can tell me which ones sound the most interesting to you.

1. THE SIGHT (YA High Fantasy)

Kolina receives a divine calling: reclaim her family’s royal inheritance and save a kingdom from oppression. But on the journey, she fights more with her insecurities than the evil King. She must prove, to herself more than anyone, that she is worthy of the task, and equal to the challenge. (Plus books 2 & 3 in outline.)

2. NETÁE (YA Paranormal Fantasy/SciFi)
Maelie hates her adoptive parents for moving her across the country. But she soon discovers who - or what - her real parents are. She travels the country finding others of her kind, in order to escape the government's cruelty and return to Netáe.

3. SHIFT (YA Paranormal Fantasy/Superhero Novel)
Tyce has discovered a new talent - one that allows him a lot more freedom. He discovers he's not alone, and is thrown into a centuries old war. Both sides want his powers, and will do anything to catch him. Which side will he choose? Or will he get a chance to choose at all?

4. OF EMILY (YA High Fantasy)
Princess Emily is supposed to marry Duke Vanden. When she disguises herself and runs away to escape the wedding, Duke Vanden attacks the castle in retribution. With the help of her new outlaw friends, Emily returns to save her family and bring Duke Vanden to justice.

5. (UNTITLED) YA Thriller/Mystery
{Unnamed girl} moves to a new town after her father's unexpected death. Suddenly everything is going wrong, and she's getting blamed for it. After escaping from the juvi-jail, she and the resident-geek of the school follow a trail of clues to discover who's been getting her in trouble.

6. THANE (YA Paranormal/Light Romance)
Thane Williams is good at what he does. When he unexpectedly becomes enamored by a girl in need, he throws his duties aside in favor of keeping her for himself. But his superior officers are unyielding. If he can't do the job, they'll find someone who will. And they'll take care of him at the same time.

Well, there they are! Sorry if some of them are kind of vague, but I don't want to give away ALL my secrets, now do I?

Muah ha ha ha.... {maniacal laugh}

So what do you think? Which one is your favorite? Which is your LEAST favorite? Do any of them sound "overdone" or "cliche

Thanks for your thoughts! <3 you guys <3


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