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I love these... I get 20-700 words to tell a story about this image:

Now wait! Before you read MY entry, go write your own! It doesn't have to be awesome, or perfect, just do it! If you don't like the image (how can you not) go to Shah's site here and check out the word prompt. It's a pretty funny one this week :-)

Now, my entry, coming in at 682 words...

“I still don’t understand why you’re doing this.” 
“You wouldn’t – you’re a bird.” 
“Excuse me! I am currently a bird. I have feelings for girls just like you do for this guy. I just don’t think putting on a show is the way to catch him.” 
“I’ve heard your opinion, Eli, and I don’t like it. You can stop trying to convince me otherwise.” 
He flies away. 
The ground is rough on my bare feet. It’s a warm night. I know that just over the next ridge I’ll find them. Adam is “out with the boys” tonight, having a bonfire at the river. I can hear them laughing, playing their guitars together. 
We’ve been dating for a year. So I thought he’d believe me. But when I tried to tell him I’m a witch, he just laughed. 
I laughed too, pretending it had been a joke. But he’d believe me this time. 
I adjust the strap on my tank-top, and pull my wand from a pocket in my skirt. I peek over the ridge and see the group, all seated on lawn chairs around a huge fire. There are ten of them. I hear an ahem, and look up to see my brother Eli, now in human form, sitting on a branch. 
“Kate, don’t do this. You’ll get caught.” 
“Says who?” I whisper. “You’re not going to tell anyone.” 
“No, but they have ways of finding out, even here.” 
My resolve shakes for a moment. “No, I have to! He has to know.” 
“Wait,” he says, jumping down. “Let me scare off his friends first. They don’t need to know.” 
I consider this. “You’re right. Go ahead.” 
“I’ll give you green sparks when they’re all out.” 
I watch as he morphs into the bird again and flies away. Suddenly he is dive bombing the guys around the fire. I smile, because Adam is laughing. He would find it funny. 
Soon, Adam is standing, shouting to his friends through his laughter, “Come back, guys! The bird’s gone!” 
I wait a moment longer, and see green sparks fly up above the trees beyond the bonfire clearing. That’s my cue. 
I walk over the ridge and down the slope. “Hello, Adam.” 
He turns at the sound of my voice. “Kate? What are you doing here?” 
“Coming to show you something.” He sees my wand and looks at me, confused. 
“Really?” he asks, raising his eyebrows. He’s trying to play it off like I’m going to seduce him. 
“Yes. Do you remember the other day,” I start circling him, “When we joked about me being a witch?” 
He shrugs and smiles, “Yeah, what about it?” 
I stop and look at him seriously. “I wasn’t joking.” 
He scoffs at me. 
I point my wand at him. 
He laughs out loud. “Kate, what are you doing?” 
I smile. “Showing you something you never thought you’d see.” 
I point my wand to the sky and shout, “Perriculum!” 
Red sparks fly out of the tip, shining on Adam’s astounded face. 
Then I say, “Lumos!” and my wand tip lights up like a firefly. 
I move my wand back to his chest and say, “Nox.” The light goes out. “We’ve been dating for a year, Adam,” I say, now circling him again. “I thought you’d believe me before. But I hope you do now. And I hope it doesn’t change how you feel about me.” 
“And if it does?” he asks, his eyes on my wand. 
I stop walking and shrug. “I’ll make you forget I ever told you, then break up with you. You’ll never understand why.” 
His gaze goes from my wand to my face. His eyes are sad. “I – I didn’t mean that, Kate.” 
I stare back, confused. “Then what did you mean?” 
“If you’ll take that stick away I’ll tell you.” 
I lower my wand, slow and reluctant. Then face the ground. 
“I meant,” he says, “That this is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!” 
I look to him again, my chest filled with excitement. “Really?” 
“Um, yeah! What else can you do with that thing?” 

Haha! I love it. What did you think?


P.S. Happy birthday to my mommy! Love you Mom!

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