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I'm writing, I'm writing!
NOTE: This post is for:
1. My participation in the Query Roundtable happening May 22nd, hosted by the awesome Rachel Horwitz of You Are What You Write. (Check out the Roundtable Intro Post Here if you want to sign up for some help with your query!)
2. In case any awesome agents happen to swing by during the Writers Voice Twitter Pitch fest on May 24th, they'll be able to see RIGHT AWAY the amazing manuscript they're in for ;-)
Here we go!


Genre: YA High Fantasy
Word Count: 68,000

{Dearest Agent whom I worship so much,}

Three-hundred years after the Gods divided the land, they call on Kolina to overthrow a tyrannical king, reunite the kingdoms, and rule as High Queen.

When her possession of The Sight manifests, Kolina’s true identity is revealed as the only one who can perform these tasks. Having been shunned for years by her peers and fellow farmhands, she is terrified of failure and not sure she wants to try. In an act of blind and frustrated trust, she follows her grandfather out the gates of the farm to be trained in magic, combat, and cunning. Three Beasts, servants to the Gods themselves, will guide her along the way. In an effort to find a weakness in the false king’s defenses, Kolina discovers his advantage. He knows of her existence and is amassing an army to find and kill her - the rightful heir to the throne.

To fulfill her destiny and overthrow the usurper, Kolina must gather a prophesied group of people to help her, and believe in her calling. If she fails, the kingdoms will fall under a mad man’s fist. She’d better believe fast.




Last week, I was reading through my MS, you know, just double checking for errors and such, when I came across a bit I forgotten about. I literally laughed out loud and had to have my husband read it too. I felt so proud :-)
Here's a snippet from Chapter Twenty-one of THE SIGHT. Enjoy :-)
“You wan’ them off?” Bo asked. He was pointing at the shackles around Gunnar’s ankles. 
Gunnar noticed for the first time that Bo’s were already off. 
“How’d you do that?” he asked. 
Bo scooted over to Gunnar’s feet. He held up the bracelet of twigs he’d made the day Kolina first learned how to use The Sight. “Like I said, I though’ I’d need ‘em.” 
Gunnar laughed. “How did you know?” 
One of the restraints fell away as Bo said, “Dunno. Someone once tol’ me I was klepto-voyant. Seems to be true, though i’ doesn’ show i’self  much lately.” 
Gunnar thought about the word, klepto-voyant. “Have you ever taken anything of mine?” 
The other shackle came loose and Bo said, “Oh, yeah. Once I took your belt on a whim, an’ the nex’ day I used i’ to prove my point on a bet in one o’ the towns we wen’ through. Won me some gold on tha’ one.” 
Gunnar’s jaw dropped. “I went belt-less for two days because of that! Where’s the gold? You owe me at least half.” 
Bo laughed. “I don’ owe you a single piece, boy. 'S no’ my fault your pants don’ fit.”

Hope you liked it!

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