Flash Factory!

Today I'm participating in Jessa Russo's Flash Factory Friday #3.

*Use the prompt
*50-350 word limit
*Enter within the 24 hour time limit.

The awesome Tamara (Feaky Snucker) won last week, and here's the prompt she chose for this weeks competition --->

Ready... Set... FLASH!


Addiction By Darci Cole (346 words)

I clenched my leg muscles to relieve the stiffness. I dared not move to stretch. I didn’t want to disturb the leaves and branches hiding me. I sucked on a long piece grass to distract from my hunger and desire for a cigarette.  
The sun had gone down. I knew she would appear soon. I always came here as often as possible just to see her. It’s an addiction – one of my many. Smoking, drinking, sex – I’d give them all up for one look into her eyes. Sometimes I think I only do those things to numb the pain. She never looks at me.  
And why should she? I’m not the captain of the football team, or even of the chess team. I’m just a nobody that the high school girls don’t pay attention to unless they’re drunk.  
A light began to glow beyond my hiding place. My eyes fixed onto the top of the stairs.
 Within the white light appeared a shimmer of pink. It stretched to the height of the woman before the dark line of her hair broke through. She materialized before my eyes.  
I didn’t know what she was. Some of my guesses included nymph, faerie, dryad, or siren. Perhaps she was Calypso, or Aphrodite reincarnated. All I knew for certain was she was beautiful, and I could not be satisfied until I spoke to her.  
Slowly, she descended the stone steps. Her dress was sheer. It always gave me a knot in my stomach. I’d seen women unclothed before, but this was different. It gave me chills. I felt like a hormone-crazed fourteen-year-old again.  
But it wasn’t her body that brought me back so often. It was those eyes. Dark, deep black eyes. I could never see any white in them.  
She flowed. Every movement purposeful, yet patient. 
Then she turned toward me. Her black eyes fixed on mine for the first time. 
I froze. Whether I could not move, or would not, I couldn’t tell. 
Then she spoke, “You will die.”  
I felt sure she was right. I didn’t mind.

Thoughts? Happy Friday!


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