First Loves Blogfest

I hate that I never find out about these things until the last minute...

Today, the awesome Alex J. Cavanaugh is hosting the First Loves Bloghop. I'm waaaaayy down on the list, so I'm not really expecting everyone to jump up and comment. But, it's something to blog about, and I'm out of ideas at the moment...

The rules are, post your first loves in the categories of Movie, Music, Books, and Person (or people).

Here we go!

I've said it before. The first movie I can ever recall asking to watch repeatedly was The Princess Bride. It's not perfect... Buttercup is pretty helpless in my opinion. But it's the most quote-able movie in my arsenal. I can't tell you the number of times my family and I have said, "It's possible... pig."

Also, it doesn't get any better than this when it comes to love stories. It's NOT a love triangle, though it has the appearance of one. I mean let's be honest... Humperdink doesn't really love Buttercup. He only wants to marry her because she's beautiful. And she doesn't love him either. She's only ever loved Westley.

There were some artists I was introduced to before this, but my first music obsession was HANSON. I was in 7th grade when their first big album came out (Middle of Nowhere). It was from those songs that I learned how to harmonize and taught myself how to transcribe music. I owe them so much. To this day, when I check up on these guys, I have a huge amount of respect for them.

They grew up to be good guys, got married, have such cute families, and still make awesome, clean, music.

Second Place is *NSync. They deserve a mention, because they taught me how to dance. I recorded their Disney Channel concert, and watched it over and over to learn all the dances. I remember showing some of my friends, a little afraid of being made fun of, but they were seriously impressed. And I was proud.

The books I really truly LOVE the most, and quote the most, and know the most about, are probably the Harry Potter books. But this is about FIRST loves. And did I love some books before Harry came along? Yes I did.

I wish David Eddings was still alive. He is my hero. He wrote a lot of books, but my favorites are two five-book series' called The Belgariad and The Mallorean. He meant the story to kind of make fun of fantasy novels in general. It does that in many ways, but at the same time is so true to what a fantasy novel really is. If you've never read them, you should. In fact, I think I'll put them on my TBR list. I need a good trip down nostalgia lane.

I wrote about a lot of boys in my journals... I can't think of which one was first, I'm not really sure I ever actually loved any of them. Most of it was just infatuation. There were boys at school, boys from church, famous boys, and literary crushes. But the first person (aside from my family) that I've ever truly loved, is my husband.

I know, I know. But I promise I'm being honest. He was the first guy who ever made me feel truly beautiful. And that's saying something, because I had serious self-worth issues. Sometimes I still do. He is such a man for continuing to put up with me and my craziness.



We're now 24 weeks along, and baby Peter is about a pound, and just over a foot long! So exciting :-D

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