I was recently given an award by Jenny over at Jenny's Imaginary World, called:
The Beautiful Blogger Award
How she knows I'm beautiful when my picture isn't that great a shot of my face is beyond me... well played Jenny, well played.

: : EDIT : :

I have just been informed that I received the:

From Tracey Joseph: Young adult and Middle Grade Writer. I feel so happy! *cue dramatic tears*

Since I'm so awesome, I will be combining the two sets of rules and making up my own thing. Because I can do that.

Combined rules are as follows...

1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you. (THANKS JENNY and TRACEY!!!)
2. Answer the ten questions provided... (will do...)
3. Share 7 random things about yourself. (...we'll get to that)
4. Nominate 7 fellow bloggers for the Beautiful Blogger and Kreative Blogger award. (...also below)

Numero Dos: the ten questions...

1. Fave song or singer? Tough... I'll say "Beautiful" by Jim Brickman, featuring Wayne Brady. It's "our song" :-)
2. Fave dessert? Cheesecake... Zoe Anne's Cheesecake, to be specific. If you're ever in or around Hillsboro or Beaverton, Oregon, you've GOT to try it. Plus Zoe herself is hilarious and awesome.
3. What ticks you off? Dishonesty, and rudeness.
4. What do you do when upset? I shut down and close everyone out, then I start crying. Once the tears come the worst is over.
5. Favorite pet? I had pet rats for a while... it was fun :-)
6. Black or white? That depends... are we talking clothing, or chocolate? Either way, I can say black for both.
7. Biggest fear? Isolation.
8. What's your attitude? Happy. As often as possible ;-)
9. What is perfection? Being grateful for things as they are.
10. What is your guilty pleasure? The internet. Love it, hate it.

Numero Tres: seven things about myself.

1. I love Bryer's Mrs. Field's Cookie Dough Blast ice cream. Best. Ever.
2. I've always wanted to like olives, but I can't. I've tried. They disgust me.
3. I am now 26 weeks pregnant!
4. In connection with #3, I am having trouble sleeping... plus we're moving on the 1st, and packing is making me dead tired.
5. My cousin gave me a TON of baby boy clothes, so I will never have to buy any ever again.
6. Same cousin gave me a wardrobe of maternity clothes. Now I feel cute-pregnant instead of fat-pregnant.
7. My two-year-old is testing his boundaries, and it's driving me up the wall.

Numero Cuatro: nominate seven other bloggers. I'm going to give them the option of choosing which award they want to accept. Or they can accept both! Because they are really all beautiful AND creative :-)

1. Lauren - Ink Stained Scribe (my awesome CP :-) )
2. Jessa Russo - My Writing Blog
3. Leigh Ann Kopans - Young Aduly Science Fiction Writer
4. Trina - Tidbits from Trina
5. Tiana - Tiana Smith
6. Tamara - Mad Ravings of a Feaky Snucker
7. Cupid - Cupid's Literary Connection
(who has permission to accept but not pass on this award because she's CRAZY busy with contests ALL the time)

(If you want to see the original rules for each award, they are: Beautiful and Kreative)

Well, there you have it! Short and sweet. Now go check out these ladies' blogs and give 'em a follow if you haven't already!


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