Writing Contest!!!

Happy Monday friends!

I am in the midst of reading through a few books, as well as trying to edit my own... SO! Instead of coming up with something witty and clever to write to you today, I hereby offer you a writing contest!


-I give you a topic and a photo, you write something incorporating both.
-Keep the word count under 500, k?
-Genre is your choice - poetry included.
-Post your entry on your blog, then link to it here in the comments below.
-Deadline for entry is Friday April 20th at midnight (Arizona time - we're the same as Pacific Daylight).
-Winner will be chosen based on level of creativity and how well written it is.
-Winner will be announced Monday April 23rd.
-THE PRIZE: a full Freelance Edit of your ENTIRE manuscript by me!
(Note: go to my Edit page for details about what I cover, if you're curious.)

Ready for it?

Topic: Relationships in general, or a specific relationship
(i.e. boy/girl, family, friends, etc.)


There you have it!

Spread the word! Good luck!



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