Sad Day

It's been a bad day... and it's only 6:30 am...

I was looking forward to a nice relaxing Sunday spent with my husband. It even started to rain during the night, which I love.

Then, I woke this morning to the sound of tires screeching in front of our apartment. Then a gun shot. I freaked out. I shook Turner awake telling him to go look out the window and see what was going on. Then we heard shouting and decided we'd better stay away from the windows. 

One guy was swearing up a storm, and there was a woman screaming and crying. I was curious, but too afraid to even peek.

Then the swearing guy told the woman to shut up. 

Another gun shot. 

The screaming cut off. 

I heard a dog start to bark, then an engine start up and drive away.

Slowly, Turner went to the window. 

The glass was foggy from the rain. He wiped it off.


Then a dozen people in clown masks jumped up and said "APRIL FOOLS!"

None of these events are true... except the wish to have a relaxing day.
I hope I didn't scare you... hehehe... Have a happy Sunday!


*Disclaimer: I realize that shootings like this do happen. I apologize if anyone has been personally affected by something like this. I meant it only in jest, and not to offend. I hope you'll take it in the spirit it was meant.

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