Revisions: Where's the line?

Obviously this question depends on the story, the initial skill of the writer, and many other variables. However, I'd like to see what others are doing...

I'm literally on revision... eight or ten. Somewhere in there. And I'm starting to feel pulled in many directions. I've received critiques from some serious writers who loved it, and from serious writers who saw major problems. Then I've gotten feedback from some beta readers who loved it and others who were like, "meh."

So I'm feeling a little lost lately. Obviously I want my story to be the best it can be, and I've handled feedback/constructive criticism very well. I know it's given to help me. My problem comes when the reviews are so very different; I'm not sure who to believe.

The other issue I've had with revisions is that some of my CP's (critique partners) (not just one. It's happened many times now, so please don't think I'm singling anybody out...) are so involved in their own writing and lives that it takes weeks or months for them to get through my manuscript. Obviously I don't want to throw off their groove or get in the way of their writing; I feel very lucky to have had such talented people literally offer their expertise to help me move forward. I guess I'm just impatient. I consider myself a fast writer, and when I have to depend on someone else's schedule to move forward I feel held back.

So..... how do you handle revisions? Do you give your CP's a time frame? A deadline? How do you choose what to change and what to ignore? And while you're waiting for feedback, what do you write in the meantime?

Lots of questions, I know - but I'm very curious, and kind of in need of a little guidance as well. I'd appreciate any and all you can give me!

Thanks friends :-)


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