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I've taken on a lot this week, and I needed a break. This little chapter book was just the thing.

One of my best friends recommended it to me. When she gave me an idea of the story I couldn't believe that I hadn't read it! I love quick reads like this to break up bigger projects, so I immediately rented it from the library  (because we can't afford to buy actual books at the moment... sad day).

It's just a sweet little story of a girl with a dream. And her dream draws her to an adventure that teaches her how to be brave, and wise, and good.

It's a children's chapter book, one that I think would be classified as "middle grade." I'm always amazed at these types of stories for a couple of reasons.

1. Short stories like this tell so much in so little space.

2. Because they have very little space (and are working with slightly shorter attention spans), they can leave out certain details.

Honestly, I think the first depends on the second. If it's not needed, it doesn't need to be there, and you can use the space to do other things.


In writing my fantasy novel, I've chosen to leave certain things out. Even though I know they're there, I don't feel like burdening the story with them.

Because of this, I've received some mixed messages in my beta readers and critique partner's comments. I've literally had people (average readers, not writers) read my story and continue to think about it for days, wanting more and wondering what happens next... this is encouraging!

Then my awesome-critical-analytic-writer-friends read it and point out where they see flaws in my logic or holes in the plot or where things drag. Stuff that I don't always understand, and that I'm not sure an average reader would question.

I'm working through these comments and revisions right now. It's been really hard to wrap my head around the responses I'm getting.

But hey, just keep swimming and all that, right?

How are your WiP's coming along? Have you read any good books lately?


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