More Awards!

The last few weeks have been insane...

I'm not exaggerating.

So Monday I finally got around to catching up on reading all my blogs and commenting on them, and I found out I was given an award! 

Gloria (my husband's cousin... does that make her my cousin-in-law?) at A Different Drum Beat has awarded me the Versatile Blogger award! I am so very flattered :-)

This means I get to award it to other awesome people!

I feel like I give out awards like this a lot, so I thought long and hard about it. Of all the bloggers I follow, which are the most versatile?

Here they are:

Meg from Big Red Clifford
Meg is awesome. She posts about her little boy, her hubby, her craft projects, her business, her photography, and TONS more. I always learn something when I visit her blog.

Jenna from Mom, the Intern
Again, Jenna posts about everything under the sun. Including, but not limited to, movies, books, family, news, music, and more. Plus she's a journalist, so she's a great writer to learn from.

Cassie Mae from, what else, Cassie Mae!
One of my new writer buddies, she's the one who posts about the most RANDOM things ever, and it's always educational and/or entertaining. (Especially this month - go check it out!)

Congrats ladies! Now pass it on :-)

Now I'm supposed to give some random facts about myself... you're welcome to leave now.

1. I loooooooove fantasy novels. Magic, kings and queens, and unexpected twists - my favorite.
2. I want to have my baby - and all future babies - totally natural. Personal choice.
3. I am terrible at keeping the kitchen sink empty. Not that I hate doing dishes, I just don't do them.
4. My favorite sound in the world is my son laughing from something funny his daddy did. <3
5. I love stars - the shape, or the real thing. Both are awesome.

Fun fun! Oh, and I've only received two of the first chapter entries from the contest runner's-up. If you want me to take a look-see, send it on over!

Have a great day :-)


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