Flash Factory #1

I really am starting to like these prompt-and-write challenges. So when one of my new writer buddies decided to host one, I HAD to jump in!

Jessa Russo is doing a contest up until 1pm today (go enter!). The rules are: use the three word prompts, stay between 50-350 words, post in the comments, within 24 hours of her post.
Blogger is being dumb and won't let me leave my entry in her comments. So, I'll put it here.

The three prompts this week are: bruise, spectrum, wind.

This is a sneak peek for those of you who have read SIGHT. I present to you, a clip from the beginning of book three: MIGHT. Hope you enjoy ;-)


The wind warmed my face. It was not a comfort. I looked to my necklace. The silver charm floated in front of me.  The direction to him.
“Kolina?” Lukon called.
“We need to go there,” he pointed left, to the Robaean Mountains. I stared, confused.
“But, what about…”
“We can’t walk right into the palace, Kolina,” Dusan interrupted. “Even the passages Bo is familiar with will be guarded. We need to go to the Mountain Chapel and seek the God’s guidance.”
“’Fraid so, lady,” he answered, rubbing a bruised eye. “I ‘aven’ spen’ as much time here as other places, so I don’ know much more than your average servan’.”
No. “But… I thought…?”
“If we could, dear. That was the plan,” Ahni said, soothing me. It did not.
“Koli, I think they’re right,” Dax said. “I grew up with him too, remember? But the safety of the Three Kingdoms is at stake. We’ve got to –”
He stopped. He heard it too. A voice.
A voice I’d longed to hear for months. A voice I prayed was safe. A voice… calling my name.
“Kolina? Kolina! Koli!”
I looked at my necklace. It pointed northwest along the mountainside. I searched there, wishing for the voice to be real.
It was.
My feet were moving. I couldn’t run fast enough. Tears clouded my vision.  A spectrum of emotions soared through my heart. He ran too. Behind him, Markku and an unknown girl smiled at our reunion.  They weren’t important now.
I threw myself at him. He spun us around. I wanted to stay here forever. We fell to the ground, still entwined. His hand slid from my waist to my back, to my neck, never breaking contact. He raised my face to his. He swept tears from my cheeks.
“I was afraid…” I started.
His lips were on mine. Relief flooded my body. More tears, of happiness, joy, ecstasy – all inadequate.
We parted. His green eyes shone brighter than ever I’d seen. I touched his long blond curls, grateful.
“We’re together now,” he whispered. “That’s all that matters.”

350 words EXACTLY.

Took some work, but I got it in. And I like it.
What did you think?


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