Thankful Thursday

Today's post is a bit different than usual...

Yesterday I sat down for the first time in a while and read scriptures. What I read came from the Book of Mormon. It was a story of a prophet who was accused by a lawyer of teaching and converting the people for money. The lawyer continually told the prophet that there was no God, and that he (the prophet) had no way of knowing if Christ should come.
The lawyer then asked for a sign from the prophet. He said (in a nutshell) "If you will show me a sign, then I will believe there is a God." The prophet warned him that he was tempting God by asking for a sign. He told the lawyer that we have all the witnesses of the ancient prophets in the Bible, the earth and all of creation, the very movements of the planets; all this denotes that there is a God.

Still, the lawyer asked for a sign. By the power of God, through the words of the prophet, the lawyer was struck dumb, so that he could not speak. He then acknowledged the existence of God.

I'm writing out this story in my own thoughts to see what I can learn from it. In my experience, believers of Christ, or really believers of anything, will be disagreed with, persecuted, attacked, and teased. People are afraid of differences. In this particular case, we learn later that the lawyer was actually possessed in a way, and was told by the Devil what to say to lead people away from God.

In our day, there are so many beliefs and so many opinions. For a long time, the people of my church were very persecuted. Driven from their homes by mobs, and even killed. I'm sure other religions have similar stories.

Now we are so blessed to live in a time when people are generally accepting of each other. That's not to say we don't disagree, and often, but I'd like to think we're less violent about it now.

Today, I'm thankful for the knowledge I have of the reality of God and His Son. I'm thankful to know that my Heavenly Father - the very God of the universe - knows me, and loves me. I'm thankful that Jesus Christ suffered for my sins, died, and rose again so that I can too.

There is so much to be thankful for. I'm glad I have scripture stories like this one to remind me how blessed I am that I don't have to die for what I believe; instead, I get to live it. I hope that the people around me can see by my actions and choices that I follow Christ and believe His words.

What are you grateful for today?
What religion do you follow, or what do you believe?

Thanks for sharing :-)


P.S. My dad is turning 51 today! Happy birthday Daddy, I love you and I'm grateful for you too!

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