Photography Contest

I have entered a contest to win a newborn photo shoot for my new baby!

Baby Dos is due September 1st, a great time for a baby photo shoot! Currently the little one is between the size of an avocado and a turnip... (4.5 to 5 inches long) and I'm just starting to be able to feel him/her move :-)

The contest is being held by Jen Roberts (sister to the amazing Amy Standage, who makes the occasional appearance on my blog). Jen's company is called Green Apple Images, based here in Mesa, AZ.

Here's the link to her contest.

(Disclaimer: This post is for an entry in the contest. I love spreading the word about great businesses, and I don't usually do it here, but I REEEEALLLLYYY want to win. SO I'm entering as many times as possible! :-) )

Wish me luck! And head over to Jen's site to see some of the amazing work she does!


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