Is it Just Me?

I don't have much for you today... just one question that requires minimal prefacing...

The question is for anyone out there who either is or has been pregnant, or anyone who has lived with someone who is or has been pregnant.

I'm not usually a  midnight snacker, but when I'm pregnant, it's like I can't help it! I wake up to the call of my bladder somewhere between midnight and four am, go potty, and have to eat something before going back to bed.

Luckily, I've tended toward healthier snacks for these (with that one- or two-time-exception of ramen soup). When I was pregnant with Monkey it was apples and peanut butter, or a PB&J sandwich. Now, every night I want a tomato and crackers, or something similar.

So my question is: is it just me?

Do all pregnant women tend to want to eat when they get up in the middle of the night? And if so, do they usually eat the same thing every night?

I'm just curious mostly... but I'd find the results interesting.


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