Well friends, family, and fans, I've got a lot of work to do, and the internet is not helping.

I've recently gotten some feedback from beta readers, critique partners, and the like, which have shown me just how far I have yet to go on my work in progress.

I've tried to switch to other projects, I've tried not thinking about it. It does no good. This story simply MUST be put down, and it MUST be done right.

For this purpose, I'll no longer be posting every day. I can't even promise I'll post once a week. Yet, I will post. I love my blog, and I love all you amazingly awesome people who read it. You mean the world to me - truly. I'll keep you updated on the Facebook page and Twitter as to my progress, and when I have something I really want to share, or if I'm doing a writing exercise, or a blog hop or something, I'll be here.

Thanks for your support, friends. It means everything to me.


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