The End

Okay fellow writers...

Every time (literally EVERY SINGLE TIME) I've had someone read my WIP, they've come back with, "That's it? I want more! Write the second one NOW!"

The book is part one of a series. It's a lighter read than Lord of the Rings, but with the same kind of structure. Knowing that, obviously not everything will be resolved until the end of Book Three, but I do want to give my readers a little bit of closure, since I know how people hate it when they're left REALLY hanging.

So, my question for you today is this: How did you come up with your ending?

And for those of you writing a series, how do you choose where to break it up?

Thanks for playing ;-)


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  1. Okay I'm going to say this in a way that best way to convay my thoughts but not in a way that is acceptable by polite society. You are not your fans' bitch. Their asking for more should never feel pressured by anyone but your agent/editor/publisher. You write at one pace yours. So my advice is thank them for the encouragement and that you're glad they enjoyed the book but you are afraid the next one isn't going to be ready for a while


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