Guess what, I got tagged!


This time though, it's just you're average-pass-it-on blog tag, not a specific "writer"-type tag. I think I may like the randomness...

I was tagged by my buddy Erica over at Good Job Momma (whose facts and answers were hilarious, by the way, so you should go check them out...). Okay! Here are the rules:

1. Write eleven random things about yourself.
2. Answer the eleven questions given.
3. Write eleven new questions.
4. Tag someone else.

{I'm not adding seven more rules... that's ludicrous...}

Here we go!

1. I'm starting to turn into a minor "granola mom." There are some lines, however, I will never cross...

2. When I was a teenager I would watch *N Sync concerts and learn all their dances, and do them in my bedroom for exercise... wonder if I still could...

3. In 8th grade, I wrote a song. For my 16th birthday my parents paid for me to record it in a real studio - I still have it.

4. When Turner officially proposed, my first response was, "I don't know!"

5. My favorite kids book is The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree.

6. When I was little, I played with fire a lot. Luckily, I'm still alive to talk about it.

7. My lucky number is 5, because I was born on Nov. 5th at 5:55pm.

8. I've had many dumb moments in my life, for which my family still tease me... i.e. pronouncing dunce "doonce" (which, I might add, is what it ought to be, in my opinion).

9. My favorite books are two series by David Eddings; The Belgariad, and The Mallorean.

10. I don't like olives, but I wish I did. I've always wanted to be able to put one on each finger and eat them off one at a time... just can't stomach the things...

11. I dream {with my husband}of building our very own castle somewhere in northern Arizona; complete with secret passages, slides, tapestries, towers, and everything you'd imagine a castle to have. Seriously. We're gonna do it.

Great! Now here come the questions from Erica...

1.  What is your favorite movie? What is your favorite line/quote from that movie?
Haha, well, I already said my favorite movie is The Princess Bride, and if I HAD to pick a favorite quote, it'd be, Buttercup, when she and Wesley are reunited and she says, "I will never doubt again." I know, I'm cheesy.

2.  If you were the president what would one of your first official acts be? 
That's a tough one... I actually have no idea. I spent like an hour thinking about it and everything. No idea...

3.  What is one thing you could not live without?
My family. Other than that though, probably eating. Not just nourishment, but eating. I really love eating.

4.  If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
Ha! Probably pizza... though this pregnancy has made it difficult...

5.  If you could meet any celebrity who would it be? why?
I'd really like to meet J.K Rowling. She's so quiet and introverted, but I'd love to have time to ask her questions about her creative process.

6.  Is there a moment in your life that changed you forever? 
The one that comes to mind was when I was on my mission. I was literally just walking down the street thinking about why the heck I'd decided to go, and it hit me that I came because I was called. God needed me there. It was a really powerful realization. Now I try to remember, no matter what I'm doing, that I do it because I love God.

7.  What would be your idea for a perfect date?
Beach. Shop. Dinner. Walk. Snuggles.

8.  What is your favorite color? 
Blue! Specifically, Royal Blue.

9.  If you could have any job/career in the world what would it be?
ANY? I'd perform. I love being on stage. I don't know that I'm very good anymore, since I'm so out of practice, but I absolutely love it. Second would be teaching choir or drama.

10.  What is your favorite instrument to play and why? If you don't what is one you would like too? 
My voice. I love to sing. I wish I was good at guitar, but I never practiced enough.

11.  Would you rather have really bad smelling breath or really stinky feet?   
Stinky feet. I think it's an easier fix, and easier to cover up in front of people.

Haha! Thanks Erica! That was fun :-)

Now, my questions and, at the VERY bottom, those I've tagged...

1. If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?
2. If your life were made into a movie, who would you cast as yourself?
3. What's the best place & meal you've ever eaten?
4. Where do you prefer to go if you want to just be alone and think?
5. What are your most and least favorite pizza toppings?
6. How do you calender? Paper, phone, whiteboard, etc?
7. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
8. If you were given a million dollars {tax exempt}, what would you do first?
9. What is something you wish for every day?
10. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
11. Name one thing you love about yourself, physically or otherwise?


Amy Standage
Jenna Foote
Jack Flacco
Mandy Nielsen
Lisa Payne

Have fun!


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