Call for Critique Partners!

With me being fourteen weeks along, Baby Dos is now the size of a lemon (3.5 inches head to bottom, 1.5 ounces). Growing growing growing!

In other news, I'm starting to feel confident in my query letter, as well as in my manuscript. I made a lot of changes in a very short period of time, and they seem to have gone over well with my beta readers. What I need now is a critique partner.

Here's my thing... I'm a very fast reader, and although I read quickly, I promise I'm NOT skimming anything. I notice little details, grammar mistakes, spelling errors, etc. especially when I'm consciously looking for them. (Seriously, ask Britney Jensen. I edited each of her books in under a week, with extensive notes resulting.)

What I want is for someone to do that for ME!

It doesn't have to be that fast, I just want someone to read through my work and simply tell me if everything makes sense. I want to know if it gets boring at any point or if they think something is superfluous. I've been reading this story for nearly a year, and it's hard to tell. Something like that shouldn't take longer than a week or so, I'd imagine... but maybe I'm the speedy exception? I don't know...

Fellow writers,

Where have you found your favorite critique partners?

I need me some good ones... and I promise to be a good one in return.


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