You Know You're a Writer If...

You know you're a writer if... can't stand to lay in bed any longer - this idea/scene/dialogue/description MUST be written down NOW! enjoy alone time - it means more writing. cringe when you see a typo in someone else's work. fail to miss EVERY typo in your own work.

...clicking keyboard sounds are calming to you; like raindrops on the window.

...when you're halfway through writing a kissing scene, and your spouse tries to sneak a kiss to you, you freak out. know the difference between contemporary, paranormal, fantasy, commercial, and literary... mostly. bothers you to read books you think are worse than yours - even after professional editing. hate it when you tell people, "I'm a writer," and they say, "Can you really say that if you're not published?" dream of receiving a letter from a reader thanking you for your work because it made a difference in their life. love to write.

Got any more?

I love being a writer :-)


For your entertainment:

You know you're pregnant if... wake up at 11:45pm craving cheap ramen soup... you proceed to cook said soup, and eat it as non-slurpily as possible so you don't wake the rest of your sleeping household. You then eat a tomato too, for good measure, before going back to bed happy.

I speak from recent experience.

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