WW - Back to the Beginning!

I'm beginning to get rather frustrated on this front...

I love to write, and before the holidays I did a lot of it. But since then with Christmas and then becoming pregnant, I haven't had the *oomph* I've needed to really get anything done. Because of that, I feel like i'm almost back where i started in terms of quality writing.

I mean, I spent ALL of August finishing Sight's first draft, then September and October were spent learning how to edit and what it means to polish, then I edited someone else's book.

Then I spent the first half of November writing Netàe for NaNoWriMo, and the second half of November finishing Sight; I went through and added bits, then tried to polish and hone it as much as I could. Doing that made my actual writing WAY better. When I sat down to start writing book two, I noticed how much better my writing was. That was when I decided to re-write book one, but I never got around to it (holidays & pregnancy).

Then, at the beginning of January I felt like I really needed to work on Shift:Black Phoenix which is the one you read an excerpt of last week. I feel like that could be a really amazing story, but the more I try to write it, the less I feel like I'm where I need to be to write it well.

As you can see, I have a lot of partially finished projects. I love them all, but I think I'm mostly attached to the one I've actually finished (Sight). I need to write... I don't think it matters what I write, but I've got to get back in the groove of things. I think what I'm going to do is start back in on Netàe for now, since it's only half way finished, and it's not one I particularly care if it's done poorly (plus it needs some major revisions anyway), then I'll turn to Sight's sequel (which I think will be called Light) and then re-write Sight itself, and THEN, maybe I'll feel good about coming back to Shift...

Help me! What do you do to get in your writing zone?

- Darci - The Page Traveler -

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