Just in case you're wondering, there was only one "official" entry. So, again, no voting. Just a winner!

Sooooo...... I'm afraid I didn't explain myself very well in the "rules" for the contest. What I wanted was for each entrant to write a short bit of a story, or a poem or something literary based on what you thought of that photo I put up. I know it's a really random thing, but I thought it was hilarious. Also, I didn't really have any expectations as to what I wanted, so I didn't specify anything. The winner, however (the only "real" entrant) did an awesome job.

Congratulations to Gloria from A Different Drum Beat! Here's her entry (which she emailed to me, rather than posting in the comments, but it still counts). I love it because it's well written, and incorporates life, death AND hair! Way to go Glo :-)


Freya gasped, her body contracted replacing the odd sensation of her spirit reentering her body with pain. 

“Easy,” said a gentle and familiar voice. Hands caught her and situated her in a lounging position. Her eyes adjusted to the strange light and she looked into the face that went with the voice. It was Liugh, her father's priest.

She groaned, “I knew it would be you old man.”

He smiled at the complement, “Best be careful. I don't know what you did to make him so mad,”

She chuckled, “Well I did kill him right?”

“Oh yes we found your sword still sticking out of him. However you were in a couple of pieces and that is going to take time to heal.”

“What, are we above ground? And how did you find me?”

“Your lover.” Liugh was setting bones and using his skills as a healer to mend the muscles that had been ripped. “he saw what was happening and your friend Nate called in a favor from the king.”

Freya gasped in pain as continued to work. He paused to give her time to recover before he began again.

“It was weird,” she said, “being dead, I mean.”

“You weren't out too long, only a day at most.”

“It wasn't what I though it would be.” Liugh brought her a cup to drink from she took it in her good hand, the one that wasn't broken, “it was soft, and light.” She took a drink, grimacing at the bitter herbs, “I saw my parents.”

“Really?” Liugh took the cup and started to smooth a poultice over the open wounds that were now bleeding. “And?”

“They forgave me,” she whispered.

“Well, looks like God has blessed you with something most people never get.”

She raised an eyebrow.

“It's often that people wish they could speak to their dead loved ones once more. You got to do that, and come back from the dead.” Liugh secured the final bandage, “Please tell me that you are going to let go of the idea that God cursed you?”

Before she could say anything the The door flap opened and in came Terin, her lover. “Liugh, you told me you would come get me as soon as she was back.” He rushed to her side.

Liugh said something as he left. But the two didn't hear him.

“How did you know?” asked Freya.

Terin held up the lock of her hair she had given him. “I've been using it to scry you.”

She smiled and put her hand oh his face, “I didn't give that to you so you could spy on me.”

He took her hand in his and kissed it, “But aren't you glad I did?”


Great scene Gloria! Whenever you're ready, write up a post on one of the following:

- Your favorite book,
- One of your books, or WIP.

Thanks for participating!


What did everyone think of Glo's story? Would you like to read the rest of that book?

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  1. Great story! I'd definitely read it! It read almost like a screenplay! :)


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