Random Weekend Post: Tag-Line

Ok... serious business today.

I've put this off long enough.

I need a sign off phrase! I've tried to think of my own and use them in the past, but they've never felt right. I guess I could just use my name, and possibly create a cool graphic for it that would appear at the end of each post... there. That's one option...

So today I want to ask you what you think. You're all funny, creative people, so I'd like you to think for me. When it comes to this blog, I'm a mom, wife, and writer. I do a lot more than that, but for the purposes of "branding" and creating a name for myself, I think I need to limit it to a couple defining things.

For example: Morgan identifies herself as a "red head writer," and my buddy Ryan's line is, "If I can't be Batman, I'll be a writer." Then there's Tymothy who says, "A writer with a few tricks up his sleeves... and moves like Jagger." Or Jack, whose blog simply says, "Lost in the Shuffle."

Now, I think the only one of them who actually has a tag line is Morgan, which is: "Red. Head. Out." And I think it rocks. The others don't really even sign their posts at all... which, I suppose, is another option, but I'd like to.

SO! Gimme your best shot, and we'll vote on them next week. You guys rock.


One that I've used in email for a while is simply "DC." It's my initials obviously, but ever since I married into Turner's family, a couple of them have called me that. Like, "DeeCee" because it sounds kind of like a kid saying "Darci." So there's a starting point, if you like that one, just say so ;-)
(Their family has a lot of those... i.e. Brandon is Dannon, Chalise is Cheesy, Taylor is Tater, and Heather is Feather... I think it's really cute :-)

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