Inspiration Identification

I've been working on this MS lately, and it got me thinking a bit... Soooo....

Because I'm a nerd, and I love movies and books alike, I can't help but match my characters with existing people. For those of you familiar with these characters, hopefully you'll tell me if you agree or not. For SIGHT, here are the people I imagine would fit the voices and appearances of my characters.

Kolina: Ashley Letizia.

-She's my friend, she's an actress, and she is the inspiration for Kolina. Their personalities differ, but Ashley is an amazing actress and could totally pull it off.

In this pic, she was actually going for an Alice in Wonderland feel. Knowing that, I think it's perfect. But putting her in Kolina's place just works for me.

Ashley is cute, funny, adorable, and sweet. It's really hard for me to imagine her changing into the warrior that Kolina does. I mean look at her... she's like a kitten! I'll have to work on that image in my mind a bit more... So far, in my writing, Kolina hasn't done much actual combat fighting... I think she should do more...

Gunnar: (the real Gunnar vs. an actor)
-Will Mosely? Dylan or Cole Sprouse? Tom Felton? Cody Linley? None of them have curly hair!

-Gunnar was a tough one, because I have such a set image of the REAL Gunnar in my mind already. Even so, the character in my head doesn't exactly match the real Gunnar either. The character's hair is longer, like to his jaw at the beginning of the story, and grows even longer throughout, though he'll probably keep it above his shoulders... kind of like Heath Ledger in "A Knights Tale"...

On the left is the REAL Gunnar, who inspired this character a lot, from his appearance, to his loyalty, to his musical talent on the guitar, this kid rocks my socks. Honestly, I couldn't find any actors young enough that fit the look of the Gunnar in my head. So I'll stick with the real Gunnar for now.

Grampa Ton: Ian Holm...

-Here's the thing. Grampa Ton is short. Shorter than Dusan, even though they look similar in appearance. I think Ian Holm would do an amazing job at portraying the trust and history of Grampa Ton, as well as his love for his granddaughter.

Dusan: Jim Broadbent

-This is absolute. every time I write Dusan's lines it's like I can hear Professor Slughorn saying them; it's uncanny. I honestly didn't plan it that way. I was literally reading through Dusan's lines one night and I kept thinking, "Whose voice is that?" It took me a while, but it came to me. Definitely Jim Broadbent.

He's awesome.

Those are the main characters! There are a few others in the "motley crew" but I haven't quite solidified their looks yet... I suppose I should do that...

Anyway, what do you think? I hope you like them :-)

Do you ever imagine your characters being portrayed by real people or famous actors? 
Does it help you to write them?


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