Fruits, Time-outs, and Cupid's Arrows

First order of business:


According to, our new little one is now barely the size of a KUMQUAT! He/she weighs less than a quarter of an ounce, and is a little over an inch long, head to bottom.

Funny story... my dad (Monkey's grandpa) has said for a long time that he wants to get a dog and name it Quat... just so he can say, "Come Quat! Come here Quat! Come Quat!"

I don't know if he'd spell it the same, but I always thought it was funny...

As for me, I'm still feeling nauseous, and almost actually got sick the other day, but I've been able to keep it under control. I haven't had any weird cravings this week like last week, but rather I've only wanted to eat one thing - pasta salad. My mom's pasta salad, to be specific. It's really easy: pasta, mayo, salt, tomatoes, and shredded cheese. Sometimes I'll throw in some basil too, but I haven't this week. It's been kind of crazy. .. just when I think I'm getting sick of it, I want more. Not the healthiest snack, but hey... I'm pregnant.

Now, second order of business: Letters!


Dear Monkey,

{he did this on his own}
You have been so adorable this week. You've started saying new words here and there, and  are definitely asserting your independence. For most of your life, I've been okay letting you do as you please, but lately I've noticed that you're starting to not believe me when I tell you to stop. You just eye me impishly and keep doing what it is you're doing.

Thus a higher count of time-outs.

You gotta learn sometime, right?

{he climbed up there on his own too}
Other than that, you've just been really stinkin cute! And since I started implementing time-outs when you disobey, you've actually improved a lot. You don't really like sitting in your high chair to eat anymore, which was kind of a problem for a while. But we've set up the dining table in the living room (we don't have a use-able dining space) and you really like sitting up there for meals and snacks.

We love you little Monkey. We're so excited that you're understanding us more, and learning to communicate more effectively. I can't wait to see what you're like as a big brother.




Third order of business: a special announcement.

My dear friend Hero London and I have entered a contest on Cupids Literary Connection. This is a pretty new site, but it's already got a huge following. The undercover Cupid holds contests to connect writers with agents they might never get through to, or not have the nerve to actually query. If you go to the site and read about it, you'll understand first of all how lucky we feel to have even made it in - it was really rough!

This week, my round of queries goes up, to be judged by four literary "bouncers". Hero's goes up the following week. The bouncers will decide if we get to make it through the doors to do a "speed dating" session with eleven awesome Literary Agents during the week of the 20th. I will most definitely be keeping you informed on the progress of our queries, and if we get requests for partials or fulls you will be the first to know.

I saw this opportunity and decided to go for it. I have NOT started querying ANY of my works yet, specifically because I only have one "finished" (I use "" because it needs re-written, in my opinion, which means I'd better get crackin'!) And because I kind of just want to see what kind of response my query gets. I think it's pretty good, but I'm not sure either... Oh well. Guess we'll all have to wait and see how the next couple of weeks go!


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