Cupid Update

Remember how I mentioned on Monday that I entered a contest?

Well, I'd like to inform you (just in case you haven't seen my squeals of excitement all over Twitter and Facebook) that


I literally was giddy with excitement when I read the bouncer's comment telling me I made it in. It was yesterday morning, I'd been up for two hours with morning sickness, and that news just sent me into smiles for the rest of the day!

It makes me even more excited for my friend and fellow Typeling, Hero London whose query will go before the bouncers next week. I love her writing, and I hope she makes it in as well.

I'd love it if you wonderful people could go check out my query and let me know what YOU think of it. All the comments I've gotten so far have been pretty similar, so at least I know where my weak spot is... which was my purpose for entering in the first place anyway.

Thanks friends! You're the bestest ever.


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