Baby Update

Saturday, I officially hit the thirteen-week mark. For those of you unaware, here's what that means:

-My first trimester is now behind me.

-My baby is now the size of a medium shrimp (almost 3 inches head to bottom, and weighs nearly an ounce).

-My "morning sickness" is on it's way out.

-I'm slowly turning back into a normal person.

-I've got a baby bump.

-*Hopefully* my energy will return soon...

It's really weird... when I was pregnant with Monkey, I never really looked up how big he was as he grew inside me. Knowing that I have a 3-inch-long little human inside me is a new feeling! It's kind of surreal. We did have our first ultrasound this past week though, which was amazing.

Aaaaand... because this is a picture of a picture, it's pretty bad. But you can see his/her head there on the left, and an arm down at the bottom. His/her legs are curled up by the tummy, so they're not quite visible in this picture. You can also see a tiny fist up by his/her face near the top.

So amazing!

I love being able to see my baby. For some reason it makes pregnancy feel a little more real, especially at this early stage.

And, not to be out done, Monkey has been making big changes lately.

My dad (Monkey's grandpa) was given this rock-awesome bed by a neighbor last week, and - surprisingly - Monkey *actually* sleeps in his bed now!

We used to just have a twin mattress on the floor that we'd lay him down on, but he'd always end up crashing on the floor somewhere. We didn't mind it, figured he'd learn eventually that the bed was a softer option...

Looks like giving him a "real bed" made a big difference!

Turner and I have been talking lately about how we felt when Monkey was born. How our love didn't become split in two, and our love for each other did not lessen in the slightest, but rather our capacity for love grew to include Monkey.

It is hard to imagine loving anyone as much as I love Turner and Monkey. But this new little"shrimp" is coming relatively soon, and we can't wait to meet him/her.

Monkey will be a fantastic big brother.

Question for you: do you have kids? How did you feel when your first was born? Your second? Was having two more difficult than one?

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