Animal Madness

So, since our first little one is nicknamed Monkey, I decided that all our other kids should be animals as well. I'm not sure how keen Turner is on this topic... I mentioned it to him once, but I don't really recall the conversation that followed... though I know there was a conversation...

Wait! In thinking what I'd write next, I remembered...

See, my favorite animal is the tiger. Bengal, Siberian, white or orange, I love tigers. Always have. So I'd like to nickname one of my boys Tiger. But because Turner identifies me so closely with tigers, he thinks that title should be saved for me alone.

Plus, when I was pregnant with Monkey, he just seemed like... a Monkey. Even before he came out. Maybe it was just self-fulfilling-prophecy, but either way, it worked.

For girls we were thinking simply Bird, or Squirrel, or Chipmunk... cute little cuddly-type animals.
(We'll probably stay away from Bunny though...)

But I was also thinking, what about Bear... is that more girl-ish, or boy-ish? Then there's Croc, probably for a boy. Frog... that could go either way, but I'd say boy...

Any other ideas? We obviously need more "girl" animals, just so we have options, but I'd like more for "boy" animals too.

What do you think?


This week, baby Dos is the size of a LIME! Getting so BIG!

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