Writer Wednesday - WIP

So.......... I haven't been making as many clicky sounds on the keyboard as I'd have liked... at least not where my WIP is concerned.

I've gotten it mostly outlined, and I need to deepen some of the characters... But I feel like that will only happen as I go.

So I've started writing at chapter one.
Here's a bit from it:

Tyce let out a loud grunt of frustration,throwing his hands in the air. He felt like an animal as full of anger as hewas; he rubbed his temples. He could feel one of his headaches coming on. Theywere getting more frequent these days. He aimed a kick at his metal trash canand sent it flying across the room. It landed against the wall and fell to thefloor with a crash, dumping its contents of empty chip bags and soda bottlesover his bed.
Tyce rolled his eyes and began cleaningthe mess, still seething. He shook his head to rid it of the ache but it didn’tgo away. He was starting to sweat. Well, that wasn’t new for a lateOregon summer. He wiped his face on his shirt and finished picking up histrash. Placing the can next to his desk, he massaged his temples again andquickly pulled his hand away.
He'd burned his fingers.
He quickly turned to the only mirror inhis room, a long thin thing hanging on the back of his door. His skin was red –almost glowing.
Whatis going on, he thought.
He tried to touch it again, but flinched - it wastoo painful. He reached for a glass of water on his bedside table and triedpouring it over himself; it only steamed.
Now the heat was becoming unbearable.Tyce didn’t know what to do or what was happening to him. He tried to continuewatching himself, as the redness moved from his temples down his pale face tohis neck and shoulders, but keeping his eyes open made it worse.
Once the heat reached his spine, itbecame too much. Tyce crumpled in a heap onto the hard floor, wrapping his armsaround his head in an effort to guard himself from the pain. It was no use. Tyce felt each agonizing inch ofits progress as it crawled slowly down his spine vertebra by vertebra. He tried multiple times to scream forhelp, but no sound escaped his lips. 
I’mgoing to die; I don’t even know what’s happening, and I’m going to die…
Then the fire reached its peak, atemperature Tyce was sure had never been discovered. It arrived at thebase of his spine and flared outward through his nervous system. Tyce’s backarched, and his head was thrown back, his arms outstretched still lying on thefloor of his bedroom. His mouth was open in a silent scream of pain when suddenly, thefire died.


Hope you enjoyed it! It feels really rough to me, but I'm still working on pinning down Tyce's voice... also I'm not sure about keeping the name... is it too different?

Your thoughts are appreciated!


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