Writer Wednesday #3

My dear writer friends and literary lovers alike...

I come to you today with good news! I finished (I think) my outline for my current WIP!

{that's "Work In Progress" for those who may not know}

It feels good. It has kind of a happy yet tragic ending, which I think fits. 

My characters will need to be pinned down a little, and given depth, obviously, but overall I'm really excited to get started on the actual writing.

One of my concerns is that I'm nervous about doing fight/chase scenes. I've watched lots of movies that have those kinds of things, but I haven't read many books that do... or at least none that did it well... I've never read lots of comic books, and I was never a big watcher of too many super hero cartoons as a kid; I watched a few, but not near as many as Turner did. 

Overall, I want this story to be more mature than a Saturday morning cartoon. I want it to appeal to guys and girls alike, and I want it to share something special with people...

I'm not sure it has that yet, but I hope I'm getting there. My question to you today is this:

Who is your favorite superhero, and what makes them special to you?

Thanks for traveling :-)

- Darci - The Page Traveler -

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