To Do To-Day...

This will probably be the most boring post ever written, but I've got nothing else for you...

Please accept my apologies.

I'm a little burnt out from the holidays.

And since vacation is now officially over, I've got some work ahead of me! Which means there may or may not be a blog post up tomorrow... depending on whether I have the time to finish writing it.

What will I be doing today instead?

1. Take down the Christmas decorations - always a rather sad task... I may talk more about this in a future post, because it really is one of my least favorite things and I wonder why...

2. Dishes - my never-relenting foe...

3. Laundry - fold the two clean loads, and wash and fold three dirty ones.

4. Relax.

5. THEN I'll finish tomorrow's post.

Encouragement would be appreciated. Thanks friends.

How are you winding down after the holidays?

- Darci - The Page Traveler -

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