Monkeys Everywhere!

My family has a fun, and rather silly, tradition at Christmastime... it's called the Grab Bag.

I lost the site where I got this - sorry!
My dad goes to the dollar store and literally FILLS the dinky little cart with stuff. Not just good stuff though... He says every year that he goes down each aisle knocking items in that he may or may not even know what they are.

He spends somewhere between fifty to a hundred dollars on this trip.

Then he throws it all into a big bag (sometimes double-bagging, so we can't see through) and  on Christmas day (or whenever we can all get together) we take turns from youngest to oldest, reaching into the bag blind and pulling something out.

It's great fun... there are usually the inevitable tube socks, random personal care products, cheap toys that'll be thrown away within a week, candy of all kinds, Vienna Sausages, juice, kitchen utensils, you name it.

This year, Turner (or me... or maybe Monkey) pulled out one of these:

At first glance, I thought it was a toy... one of those old things my grandma used to have, where you push a button and it shoots air into a small tank and you try to get the rings on the hooks.......

does anyone else remember those?
Anyway, that's NOT what it is.

We were just going to throw it away, but when Turner heard me say I had no idea what Sea Monkeys were, he said, "Well now we HAVE to do it!"

So we filled the tank with water, purified it, and threw in the little packet of eggs, waited five days, and started feeding them.

At first, I was sure this was like, a "snipe hunting" type trick. Then, three days in, I looked and saw little things swimming around! They were tiny - speck sized - but they were definitely swimming, not just floating.

At that point I had an "It's aliiive!" moment.

Soon we were taking great pride in our sea monkey dollar-store pets, and making sure to feed them every two days as instructed. When they started getting bigger (and we read how big they can actually grow) we decided to relocate them to a bigger home. We got out a mason jar, and poured 'em in, adding a bit more water for them to live in.

Now, the biggest ones are nearly half an inch long, and growing... they're mating, and laying eggs, and thriving! It's actually really cool! We read that these colonies can live up to three years...

Our goal is to get them to survive until AT LEAST next Christmas, just to say that our dollar-store pets are that awesome.

I have no questions for you today, unless you want to tell me about an unusual pet you've had?
Growing up, we had chickens, dogs, cats, rats, a turtle, fish, and more, I'm sure.

- Darci - The Page Traveler -

.........don't tell our landlord... pets aren't allowed ;-)

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