"Love, Me" Letter 15

Dear Monkey,

Your new little sibling is the size of a grape this week! I'm already starting to show a little, and my regular "skinny" clothes are feeling a little snug this week.

In other news, your molars are shoving their way through your gums this week, and you're just starting to get over an off-and-on low fever you've had for a few days. We're doing everything we can to help you be comfortable.

Little things: you didn't take a nap on Sunday, and so, while I was preparing your dinner at 6pm, you fell asleep on the living room floor while watching "Happy Feet."

I love you Monkey.



Dear nausea...

Though I am extremely grateful you have not reared your ugly head to the point of expelling the contents of my stomach, I must say your presence at all is highly uncomfortable. This is a problem. Since you have made my body your home, I have been virtually incapable of preparing food for my family, washing the dishes, or eating the foods I generally like to. You have made my tastes so specific and out of the ordinary, that I have no choice but to either eat something I don't want to, or go out of my way to get the thing you're telling me I need.

However, I think I may have found your weakness.

I drank a glass of raspberry leaf tea last night, and was able to prepare and eat a dinner that has sounded disgusting to me for weeks. I loved it. I've heard that this tea can either be very good during pregnancy, or very bad. I'm going to do more research, but if worst comes to worst, I may rely on it again to destroy you.



Does anyone else know anything about Raspberry Leaf Tea? 
What do you/your mom/sister/friends etc do to fight nausea/morning sickness?

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