Love, Me Letter 12

Dear Monkey,

I love taking you to the park. I'm sorry I've been really tired this last week or so, and we haven't gone as often.

You've been so cute lately. You're definitely perfecting your "No" word, you can still say "Go" when you want to, and we're working on "Yeah" and trying to keep your signing going too (please, eat, plug, drink, all done, etc).

You got lots of fun new toys for your birthday and Christmas, and you're loving all of them!

Your favorite gifts are probably either your cars, your legos, your play place, or possibly the Cars 2 dvd.

You've had some hard nights recently too. Your two-year-molars are coming in. As one breaks the surface, you seem to sleep better for a bit, and then the next one starts to come up, causing you even more pain. We're relying on lavender oil, and occasionally tylenol to help you sleep.

One of my favorite things about you getting bigger is how you can run now. You used to run like... well it was more of a fast walk. Now, you actually run! And it's so cute!

Whenever we're at the park you love to chase the birds around. You'll get close to them and they'll fly away, and then you'll find them again, go toward them, and they'll fly away, causing you to laugh out loud! I love it!

I love you, little Monkey. I'm so glad you came to us when you did. you've brought so much joy and so many blessings to our little family.

You're growing up so fast, and it's exciting to watch. I can't wait to see what kind of big brother you'll make, and how much you'll teach your siblings.

Thank you for being such an awesome kid, Monkey. Daddy and I love you.

Me (Mom)

Q4U - 
What's your favorite thing about watching children grow up? 
What's your favorite milestone to see them cross?

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