Freaky Friday #3

My apologies for posting so late... hopefully you'll understand why by the end of this post...

So, I've been feeling really weird lately... here are a few things that have me wondering what the heck is going on:

-I had my first migraine headache over Christmas. It was terrible...

-For the last few weeks I've been feeling really tired... especially in the morning...

-I tried eating a Hershey's chocolate the other day and it tasted terrible! I had Turner try it too, and he said it was fine so it must have just been me. All the other chocolate was fine, but I can't eat Hershey's for some reason...

-Just yesterday I opened the trash can to throw something away, and the smell made me SO sick!

-A few days ago I was really wanting soup... luckily I had all the ingredients so I got what I wanted.

-Last week, I needed a sports drink. Making a dangerous trip with Monkey across busy city streets seemed a small price to pay.

-For the past couple of weeks it seems like every time I get a chance to relax I start to feel sick to my stomach. Luckily I've found that eating something small will help me feel better, and I haven't gotten truly sick.

-Yesterday I was totally in the mood for chicken curry - and I made it! It was soooo goooood.

-On Wednesday we redbox'ed Kung Fu Panda 2, and seriously... I cried :'-(

-Last night I mentioned to my mom that I had the AC on and she was like, "What? You have the AC on?" So I said, "Yes! Because I'm sweating!" and she laughed at me.

-Yesterday, I really wanted ice cream - Turner was kind enough to take me to Cold Stone for a little date last night... mmmmm....

-I came home from our date last night to find that my mom had washed all of our dirty dishes... I cried.

All in all, some really weird things are happening to me lately... so my question for you today is:

What's going on?

Can you guess?

<3 Darci

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