Freaky Friday #2

Hey hey! Happy Friday the 13th! Don't walk under any ladders today, okay?

So... something weird that happened to me this week...

A few days ago, I was in the mood for juice - water just didn't cut it for me that day. So I decided to pop Monkey into the stroller and head on over to Circle K.

We've lived here for two years now, and I've never made this trip. It's not far; we walk north across one main street to the park almost weekly. We've just never gone west to Circle K... at least not in a stroller.

The trip to the park is treacherous at the best of times...

So Turner wasn't too keen on me making the trip.

Well, I wanted juice, so we went for it.

I loaded Monkey up with his plug (pacifier) and Red Bear (his lovie...). We got to the corner and crossed the two crosswalks safely, got into the store, and got the drinks we wanted. We even picked up some bananas for Monkey.

On the way back, I thought it'd be fun to turn north and head for the park for a while. But we got close to it and I realized they'd irrigated - bad idea. I turned around and headed home.

As I went, I remember Monkey trying to turn around in the stroller pointing at the park. "Oh, so cute," I thought. But I wasn't going to deal with wet grass.

We crossed the no-light crosswalk and got back on to our street, and then I saw Monkey signing for his drink. I got it out and handed it to him and realized - Red Bear was gone.

Oh no.

No Red Bear equals no nap times... no nap times equals crazy Monkey. Crazy Monkey equals crazy Mommy.

I had to find him. I prayed that no one had picked him up or something, and turned around.

Crossed the no-light crosswalk again, retracing our steps. I knew he'd had Red Bear at the store, so I followed that path. My eyes were raking the ground for a sign of anything red...

Then I saw him.

Right at the poing where I'd turned around before the park.

THAT'S why he'd been pointing behind us! Monkey's so smart, I really should listen to him more often...

So I gave him Red Bear. Happy boy.

Then he signed for his plug.

His plug... where's his plug?

I thought he'd had it at Circle K, but did he have it after? I wasn't sure...


So we make our way back to the store. Crossing the lighted crosswalk. I'm now searching the ground for a sign of white or blue! I circle the place twice looking for it...


Well, on our way back I gave up. We have two other plugs at home, and he doesn't have one in particular that he loves, it was just kind of a let down to have lost one (it was my personal favorite, at least, so I was a little bummed).

So we make our way back, get to the no-light crosswalk, and head over. Halfway across the street, I look up and there's a little white something sitting on the sidewalk.

Almost at the VERY point where Monkey had started signing for his drink.

I don't know how I missed it, but I did!

So, after all that, we have the plug, and we have Red Bear, and even after crossing major streets no less than EIGHT TIMES, we made it home alive.

Thank goodness.

What did YOU do this week?

- Darci - The Page Traveler -

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