Dear 2012

As the new year begins, everyone is talking about goals and resolutions, so I figured, what the heck...

As I mentally review 2011 (which I still have a hard time writing and typing) I feel both pleased and a little disappointed in my progress. Some goals I have kept or accomplished with flying colors. Others, not so much.

The big one was my reading goal - to read 30 books in 2011. I have actually surpassed this at 33 books (if I read this last one fast, I can say 34!). But I know I was very lax on that goal at times, and could have done much better.

The other, which wasn't actually set until March, was to post something on my blog every day M-F for one year. That, I have done since setting that goal. However, I have noticed that the obligation I've set myself in doing that has become a distraction to the things I really feel drawn toward doing.

What I mean by that is, I want to write... I want to work on my stories. If I'm spending time on Blogger and Facebook and Twitter, worrying about this site, I can't focus on those stories or the writing. It's been particularly difficult during the holidays with so many other things to do, but I was thinking before then, that I should back off the blog a little.

How would you guys feel about me posting once a week? Maybe twice? I'll do a family update on Monkey and Turner, and maybe talk about my writing progress, or some random thought I had, or a book I read, or a movie I watched... What do you think?

As far as the new year is concerned, I definitely want to set a reading goal again, probably 40 this time... I know that would stretch me. Though I could pass it up as I did 30, but we'll see.

I also want to set a writing goal. I want to finish, and polish Sight for sure, and start submitting queries on it, as well as possibly finish another novel, not sure which one. Two feels good though. I'll probably keep working on various short stories and such, as well as write here on the blog, to keep from getting too weighed down on one story.

Other than those, I want to become better at a daily personal routine. I had a really good one this summer, and I felt amazing while I was doing it. Since then, I've become lethargic, I have trouble sleeping, and I know I'm not as good of a mom, wife, or writer. My ideal routine consists of exercise, reading scriptures, personal prayer, and writing in my journal. If I do those things in the morning, the rest of that day is always manageable.

Those three things (aside from being a good mother, wife, and housekeeper) are the most important to me at this point in my life. Of course, Turner and I have goals we set together for our family (staying on a budget, living within our means, improving those means, etc.) but here I'm addressing things specifically for myself. I feel good about these three things, and I feel like I can do them.

What are your goals for the new year?

- Darci - The Page Traveler -

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