The Results Are In

Wow... it was a close one, I'll tell you that.

Version two won out - four votes to three. So, that's what I'm sticking with.

My best friend spoke to me about it last night, and said something to me that I really should have done from the beginning: "Just go with your gut."

And you know what? I'm gonna.

When I started writing Sight, it didn't have an outline or a focus or anything... I didn't really know what it would be. The first words I wrote are now part of a prologue that, though fairly well written, I don't think I'll include if it gets published. When I began, I automatically, without thinking about it,  wrote in third person.


That's just how it felt the most comfortable. Even to re-write that section in first person, though I felt Kolina's voice come through a little clearer, it still felt awkward to write. Whereas, when I started writing Back to Netáe, I began in first person. It felt perfect for Maelie's personality, and it totally works.

Anyway, that's how it'll stay. I'm kind of relieved to have made that choice, because that means I won't have to re write the entire novel... though, I'm going to have to practically do that anyway.

For now, I'll leave you with a teaser from chapter two of Book Two, which I've just started writing... I'm thinking of calling it Blade of Light. Enjoy.

- Darci - The Page Traveler

Chapter Two

Markku sat on a barrel on the starboard side of the ship, sharpening hissword with a whetstone. He was thinking about Edal; wondering what had becomeof her since his departure. The events since then had happened so quickly,leaving him with very few options. He had planned to go to Saepen and find asmall spot of land for them where they could farm. He knew they’d barely manageto survive, but at least they’d be together with their freedom. Now, he was onhis way to Patenia with a group of… rebels.
He pushed the word away, letting the ring of his sharpening sword drownit out of his mind. They were not rebels; they were good honest people, justtrying to make a difference.  If anycause should be supported by him, it was theirs.
He stopped his work for a moment to look out at the sea. There was nosign of land in any direction. He had never sailed before, and his first coupleof days hadn’t been pleasant. Today was their third day at sea, and his firston deck since they’d left the shores of Saepen.
Markku turned back to his sword, but stopped. He saw Gunnar sitting nearCaptain Gerik’s cabin door, learning to tie knots from one of the crew members.Looking around more, Markku saw Kolina sitting at the base of the mainmastlooking sullen as she played with the chain around her neck.
Markku sighed and looked away. He knew they were supposedly best friends,but he hadn’t seen anything to show it since he joined them except for Gunnar’sobvious passion when he’d seen Markku and Kolina on the road the day they’dmet. He went back to sharpening his sword in the stillness.
A sudden gust of wind whipped his cloak around him. For some reason thememory reminded him again of Edal. A vision of her eyes flashed before his, andhe closed them tightly, willing it away. He wondered, as he had often lately,if running away from his father had been the right choice. At least in thepalace he could see Edal, slip notes to her, and occasionally spend time withher in secret. Here, miles away, he had no way of knowing if she was safe, orif she was thinking of him.
Another consequence of his choice was that hewas now pitted against his own father. This quest had an end goal: to overthrowKing Alrik. 

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