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Ah... good morning!

I usually write my posts the night or week prior to their posting, but I had other things to do yesterday, so here I am. I don't really have anything planned to talk about, so we'll just see where this goes...

Yesterday I wrapped some presents, sewed some patches, cuddled with my Monkey, and listened to Eragon...

Ya know, everyday kind of stuff.

Today will be more of the same, I'm sure. With Christmas approaching things are getting tight financially (HUGE understatement) so we're trying to make sure all the bases are covered. We ran into a little bump in the road yesterday, but thanks to my amazing parents everything turned out fine.

I love Christmas. As an adult, however, I want to be able to give gifts to everyone I can - and GOOD gifts, not just dollar store stuff - so that I can make people happy. Gift giving is a big deal for me, especially on an occasion like a birthday or holiday. If I or someone else has put a lot of thought into the gift, making sure it's something the receiver will absolutely love, all the better, because that makes it more special to me whichever end I'm on.

Turner and I learned this on our second Valentine's Day together. It was a horrific experience, but we laugh about it now that we get it...

*Before I go on, please know that I LOVE my husband DEARLY. This was a small thing compared to how much joy and happiness there is in our lives! He makes me smile and laugh and feel grateful for him every day! Neither of us are perfect, but we're happier together than we ever could be apart!*

See, he had gotten me a cute little trinket the day before Valentine's Day. He gave it to me, and told me he loved me, and everything, and I loved it. But, he never said, "Happy Valentine's Day," SO...

I assumed the trinket was a "just because" gift, and there would be MORE the next day!
All day long, I waited, and all day long I got more irritable when nothing was forthcoming. I gave him his V-Day gift, and he thanked me... still nothing.

By bedtime I was an emotional wreck.
(I must have been close to my period or something because that's when I'm worst...)
Turner didn't understand why, so I tried to tell him.
I'm sure it came out incoherently, and he still didn't get it.
He said, "I got you something yesterday!"
I said, bawling, "You didn't say that was for today! Why didn't you wait to give it to me?"
(I'm paraphrasing, I don't remember everything exactly.)

Then he left the house.

I pouted while he was gone.

I don't remember much of what happened after that, I'm sure we yelled and cried more, and argued and talked... eventually we resolved everything, and we are once again living happily ever after :-D

That experience made us both realize how much stock I place on gifts - which I hadn't even realized about myself before. I know it seems superficial, but I love receiving gifts from those who love me. Even if it's just a little note, or something small, it makes me feel loved and appreciated.

My favorite is when Turner brings me flowers "just because." He can't do it very often, which I'm glad about, because I think it might take the novelty away if he did, but when he does it makes me smile and know that he appreciates the things I do.

It makes me want to do something special for him.

My husband is amazing. I love him so much. He does so much for our little family, to help us survive on our own, and be able to do and have the things we'd like. So, this Christmastime, we are set on getting the perfect gifts for our family members... and I think we've done a pretty good job so far!

So enjoy Christmas this year, giving and receiving gifts, and being happy about it. Just make sure that when you give a gift, you're giving it because you want to. If you're giving it just because it's expected, it won't be as special, and won't be as well received.

Gifts and gratitude,

Page Traveler

P.S. How do YOU feel about gift giving?

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