Monkey Day!

Today, my little Monkey turns TWO!

Sometimes it's hard for me to believe that I actually gave birth to this kid... feels like it was so long ago! Yet, his life has only just begun.

The other night, Turner and I went through some of the little videos we took of Monkey as he grew. We had newborn videos of him flailing his limbs around, and six-month videos of him rolling and scooting and bouncing, and year-old videos... well he pretty much looks the same as he did a year ago, just a little bigger, haha!

Some of my favorite things about Monkey are:

1. We're not sure how that little red teddy bear got to our house, or why Monkey latched onto it, but he sure did. He loves Red Bear. Often, we'll catch him trying to offer food or his plug (pacifier), or his drink to Red Bear. He loves to cuddle on our laps with Red Bear and his Doggy blanket that Grandma made for him.

2. He's always been an AWESOME eater. From nursing to baby food to solids this kid can down it. I went to give him an almond the other day (I had before but Turner had never seen) and Turner asked if he should have it. Choking hazard and all... I shrugged and gave it to Monkey. He proceeded to nibble at it a little at a time, making sure to chew it up completely before swallowing. He doesn't do that with all his food, but I love that he knows to do it with nuts.

3. He loves being outside. He's so curious and excited about everything, and it makes me excited to teach him about the world. He loves dirt, and plants, and animals, and the sky. He loves to play outside. I taught him how to fetch the other day, haha! I would toss Red Bear out into the yard, and he'd go get him and bring him back. It was fun. Recently, he's loves playing in the leaves outside, and trying to run away when I tell him to stop... yeah, we're working on it.... I loved his reaction to seeing the ocean for the first time. We didn't play in it on this day, but I forgot my camera when we did. He was cute both times.

4. He loves so many different things.
Music: he loves playing the piano and dancing.
Movies: his favorite show is Blue's Clues, but he also likes Cars, How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek, and Toy Story.
Writing/Drawing: one of his FAVORITE things to do is draw. We'll hand him a notepad and a pen and he'll be happy for at least twenty minutes, if not an hour or so. It's so cute.

5. He's a climber. This can get annoying at times, as I am constantly pulling him down from the bed, or the shelves, or the couch, or the chair, or the lamp... but I think I would much rather have an active child who is fearless and excited for adventure, than one who sits and stays where I put him every time. It just doesn't seem as fun somehow.

6. He signs. At about eight months I bought Baby Signing Time. It's a little dvd of a gal teaching basic sign language for little kids. It took a while, but Monkey picked up a lot of it, and has even made some signs of his own. We're a little concerned that he doesn't really talk yet, because the little girl I babysit (who is four months younger) is a little parrot (hehehe). But, from what we've heard, boys take a little longer to hit that milestone than girls do, so we're trying not to push him and let him learn at his own pace. He can communicate with us just fine for now, and there's no rush.

All in all, it's been a whirlwind two years. I love being a mommy, and I can't wait to have more kids. I am so grateful that Jesse was born healthy and happy, and that even though we're not perfect parents he seems to be progressing just fine.

He's the cutest kid I've ever seen so far, he is a great thinker and problem-solver, he loves bananas and cereal and pasta. When he wants something he doesn't have a sign for, he grabs my hand and pulls me in to point at it. He doesn't always get what he wants, but  I figure if he's going to ask nicely there's a good chance I'll give it to him. We're currently learning about time-outs, being nice, and obedience.

You know how two-year-old's are.

So in your comments today, say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONKEY!"

And I will relay the message.

Thanks for traveling!

- Page Traveler - Darci -

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