The Mind Muscle

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Part of this reading/blogging/writing project for me, is to train my brain to think differently. And let me tell you, it is DIFFICULT!

My wonderful husband, who we'll refer to as 'Turner'... as in Page Turner, or head turner...


is a very smart, very insightful, very intelligent person. I love talking to him but sometimes I get lost, and my mind wanders and he loses me. I'm tired of that. I want to be able to follow. So that is another reason I took up this challenge. 

As we were talking last night, I told him that I had planned on reading each chapter, and the stopping to write a few thoughts as I went. However, I got so hooked, that I started to not even notice where one chapter would end and the next began! I was enjoying myself, but I didn't think I was doing what I had set out to do. He responded by saying that reading wasn't just about thinking, but it wasn't just about recreation either.

See, our minds are muscles. We need to work it to have it function the way we'd like it to. The ideal mind is 

1. Flexible
2. Strong
3. Toned

1. Flexible
As we read, our minds get a workout because we are having to think through someone else's thoughts. This stretches our mind. The more foreign the thinking, the greater the stretch. Recreational reading, such as I was doing, is a flexing activity. The more you get into a story, the more your mind has become comfortable with that particular stretch.

2. Strong
This is where the thinking exercises come in. As we push our minds to search for the deeper meanings in the things we read, we are strengthening that muscle. This is what Turner is trying to help me do. As I make a comment, he asks, "why?" My initial reaction to this is to get defensive and say, "Why what? It's my opinion, you can't question that." But he's not, he's trying to say, "Okay, so if that is the case, then why do you think that might be?" I'll expound upon this below...

3. Toned
Agile, quick, fast thinking. I think people with toned minds are the ones who are witty, that everyone enjoys listening to. Having a toned mind comes from exercising the strength and flexibility of one's mind, and training it. You must try to be aware of your thoughts at all times. Everything that is going in or out of your mind, you should try to be aware of (we generally don't do this, because it is REALLY hard to do). Once you can be aware of your thoughts, you can then start to choose them more carefully. Guarding yourself from the bad, and welcoming the good. The ultimate goal, is complete mastery of your own thoughts (which, again, is a difficult thing to accomplish, but well worth it), and from there, of  your will, making you master not only of  your mind, but of all your surroundings. 

Turner explained all this to me, and I gave my own examples to show that I understood what he was saying. Then I asked, "How do you know all this stuff? You're so smart!"
He said, "I just thought of it. Just now."


Hehehehe... Like I said, he's one smart guy, and most of his inspiration comes when he starts talking or writing. It makes me want to continue the journey even more.

Bookworms and Workouts,

- Darci - The Page Traveler -

Where do you think your strength lies in these? And which area would you like to improve?

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