The Bugs of Writing

When I was writing the cricket post the other day, I had an epiphany.

(Great word, 'epiphany'...
say it with me, "epiphany.")

I thought, there are bugs in everything we do. There really are! Not physical bugs, I'm speaking metaphorically here...

For instance, I thought of writing. Since, you know, that's what I do these days. I came up with two different, though rather obvious, kinds of bugs...

# 1: Distraction bugs that stop us from writing,

Yes... my distraction bugs are Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and... the internet basically. My friend Britney Jensen says that she actually turns the internet off on her computer when she sits down to write.

I've done this before with pretty good results, only turning it back on if I really need to look something up. And once I'm in a groove I'm good about not getting sidetracked. For me it's all about getting started. I have to get my mind in the right frame before I can actually get things done. So far, I've gotten pretty good comments from my beta readers for (THE) SIGHT, but I have four other books to work on too, haha! So I really need to get crackin!

# 2: Idea bugs that get in your head and won't leave until you write it down...

This bug most often visits me at night, right when I've finally decided to lay down and go to sleep. I try to keep my notebook by my bed for just such occasions, but sometimes the idea is too complex to write down in the dark in just a couple words or a sentence. It's times like this that I know I'll regret the following morning, because I get up, grab my laptop and go type for a while.

My poor husband... he gets up earlier than I do for work, and when I stay up late I often wake him when I come back to bed, and then he's more tired the next day... *sigh* I feel bad about it, but... what's a writer to do?

So, those are the Bugs of Writing. They bug me. I have ways of getting rid of them, but sometimes I let them hang around... you know, when I don't want to write the distraction bug couldn't be more welcome. And when I'm not really tired, or having a hard time sleeping, the idea bug is great company.

The other times, well... they're just bugs.


Darci - Page Traveler

Do the distraction or idea bugs visit you in your life or work? 
Can my fellow writers think of any other writing bugs?

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