All I Want For Christmas...

My awesome cousin-in-law (who, incidentally, partly inspired a character in my nano novel... her husband too, hehe) wrote a Christmas list on her blog of all the awesome thingies she wishes she could have. Kind of a dream list.

Our little tree that sits on our entertainment
center so Monkey won't get to it.
Well,  I like to dream... so why not?

I hereby challenge all of you as well to create a Dream Christmas list. You've gotta dream big on this one. No wishing for every-day-necessities, I want to see what you REALLY want for Christmas. If you could have ANYTHING, and money were NOT a hindrance...

What would you wish for?

I know a lot of people are having hard times right now, and during "valley" times like this it's hard to imagine the "peaks" even being possible. But it's only by dreaming, hoping, and having faith that things can get better. I firmly believe that. So dream big, or don't bother dreaming at all.

I dare ya.

Here are my wishes! These are not in any particular order, just my random thoughts coming out.

#1. A new baby inside me... really want this.

2. A BIG house in East Mesa or Gilbert. Closer to our relatives, and big enough to let our little family grow for the coming years... I'm thinking four or five bedrooms, living and family rooms, den, office, kitchen and dining room, like three or 3.5 bathrooms, with a BIG enclosed yard for the kids to play in. I don't have many opinions about appearance, as long as it's clean and well-kept, I'll be happy.

3. Another car... preferably a van actually -again- so our family can grow into it. A good one, with good mileage and space for cargo so we can go on trips.

4. A trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios, Florida. First of all, Turner would LOVE to see lots of people he grew up with there in FL. Second, HELLO! It's Harry Potter world! Who wouldn't want to go and have an authentic Butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks, or see Hogwart's Castle or get yummy sugary goodness at Honeyduke's? Seriously?

5. A publishing contract with one of the big boys who LOVE one of my stories and can't WAIT to get it on the shelves! Add to that a loyal fan base who will spread the word about my book (whichever one it is) to TONS of people, and I will be set.

That ought to do for now... I'm sure there's more, but it's not coming to mind at the mo'...

Hopes and Dreams,

Page Traveler

What do you wish for when no one's looking?

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